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CALIGULA MMXX: The 40th Anniversary

Reliving Penthouse Classic Cinema It was the boldest move in cinema history: presenting the most celebrated and respected actors of the day in a film that could only be described as pornographic. Bob Guccione, founder of this magazine, set his sights on decimating the boundaries between art, sex, and cinema and succeeded to such a …...

Man of the Moment: J.D. Vance

It’s time for J.D. Vance — author, lawyer, venture capitalist, and product of Kentucky-holler hillbillies turned Ohio Rust Belt residents — to start limbering up the ol’ vocal chords, since if the past presidential election is anything to go by, Vance will be in much TV demand. A guy that’s been called...

Rough Riders

Joe Keene — a 34-year-old Louisiana prisoner — wears a protective Kevlar vest in case he takes a bull’s hoof or horn to the torso, or hits the ground hard. Fastening the buttons to a black-and-white striped shirt, his convict-cowboy uniform, he prays to the soul of his late mother, who passed away nine years …...

Pleasure and Pain: A History of Sexual Punishment

Delightfully perverse kinksters have been indulging in acts of erotic punishment for thousands of years, getting a unique thrill from giving and receiving pleasure and pain. Just as in the present day, there were those in antiquity who craved the kiss of a whip in the bedroom and actively sought to fulfill their masochistic desires. …...

Social Media Battles: From Daniel Pearl to Donald Trump

Tweets DO Fail Us Now At age 36, I’m part of the last American generation that rememberslife before the internet, before social media. Try explaining to the youngsters what dial-up was, the importance of a good (and cryptic) AOL away message, or how it took two hours to download one naked photo of Jenny McCarthy. …...

VidCon 2019: Penthouse on the Town

Houston, We Have No Problem More than 30,000 people descended on the Anaheim Convention Center this past July for the tenth annual VidCon, and Penthouse joined the party, meeting some of today’s hottest online video talents. Billed as the world’s largest celebration of digital content creators, VidCon attracts both social media...

Crush on YouTube Star Wonderhussy

So many of today’s YouTube stars seem to make their marks posting videos of inane things like makeup tips, squeezing zits, or simply blathering about themselves ad nauseam. But there’s one special lady who caught our attention, not just because she’s a gorgeous badass, but also because she’s doing something cool. Meet...

A Moment on Gary Vaynerchuk

Back in August, Gary Vaynerchuk — entrepreneur, CEO, social media Yoda, and a massive fan of the New York Jets football team — took his grind to Australia. That’s a favorite Vaynerchuk word: grind. You’ll also find him using language like hustle, side-hustle, and a curse word that iPhones autocorrect to ducking. A...

Power Couple: Adam22 and Lena The Plug

We Should All be This Dull “I think people would be surprised to find out what a humble, normal, real relationship we have,” says Adam Grandmaison.   “Yeah,” agrees his partner, Lena Nersesian. “If someone pointed a camera on us and watched our lives, they’d be like, ‘These people are so fucking...

Kevin Chiles: Penthouse Interview

Legendary Harlem hustler Kevin Chiles rose to prominence during the 1980s crack era. Busted at the height of the U.S. government’s “War on Drugs” in the early nineties, Chiles took the feds to trial twice. When the juries couldn’t reach decisions, mistrials were declared. But with federal prosecutors escalating their...
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